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Love ya work. And good on you for dedication to helping prevent Domestic Violence. Much admiration. Anyone who makes the world a better place 4my girls and future generations deserves a big pat on the back. You are welcome Amy. Have a great week – Spence




4 August
hi i just want to say i love your page and what you represent its great you are there to help inspire so many women get back on their feet as a previous victim of dv myself its great to know there are people like you around and i wish there had of been support like this when my children and myself suffered a 5 year long battle with physical and emotionally abusive husband towards both me and my 2 children i was lucky enough to get the courage on my own to leave but many women can’t keep up the good work guys on the plus side i have now met a great guy thats treats us right and have had 3 more beautiful kids!


Hi, I liked your page a few months ago and often although I can speak my mind usually I have found on here I only “like” your comment’s only because I am a little scared as I know there isn’t a whole lot of privacy on FB these days. I am 6 months out of a DV marriage but still often feel although I am happy I am out of it finally and am progressing positively forward the ugly mental habit and sometimes physical that I lived for 8 years sometimes allows me to get stuck. I see a psychologist and she is really helping but my X still has some mental control and want to know if there are woman out there like me. I know that is a stupid question but sometimes I just feel alone and really need to gain strength so I can be a better role model to my kids. I do hope I can join your private group I just read about. If not thankyou for having a page such as yours on here.




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